Emotions, the ultimate photobook of cycling photographer Cor Vos
ISBN 978-90-71359-095


Emotions is an unique and prestigious photo document. It is a walk through the glorious career of Cor Vos, who has earned recognition as a highly talented professional, not only in the countries behind the dike, but on each and every continent. Emotions is exactly what Cor Vos' photography stands for: emotions. And emotions are a solid ground for top sports, like cycling. You'll find spectacular, moving and horrifying images in a splendid book of 432 pages, collected and edited by Joop Holthausen and Jacob Bergsma. The book comes in three languages: English, Dutch and French. In Emotions, which is thematically structured, Cor Vos takes the reader - so to speak - for a ride on the back of his motorcycle, cutting the edges on steep hills, fighting for his spot in the most breath taking sprints and reaching for the sky on the mountain tops of the Alps and the Pyrenees.

This luxurious work of art is well kept in a beautiful cassette.
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Appears: 31 oktober 2008

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